Parent Involvement

Magic Moments wants your family to be involved in your child’s education while enrolled in our program.  Our family becomes your family, as we all work together for what is best for your young child or children.  Below are several questions you should ask when enrolled your child at a facility, and the responses are what you will find at our center.

How does the program show that family involvement is a good idea?

All family members should feel welcomed in the program.  All program activities are open to the whole family.  Program staff are willing to listen to family ideas, and ask how situations are handled at home so that home and school work together.

How does the program respond to each families needs?

Magic Moments understands the individual strengths and needs of each family.  Parent conferences are scheduled to meet working parents needs.  Many staff speak other languages other than English.  Each family’s holidays, culture and heritage are celebrated at our center.  Birthdays and other events can be celebrated at our center if planned with staff in advance.

How does the program let families know what happens during the day?

Communication between home and the program is a key part of family involvement.  Program and home activities should complement each other.  Families need to know that children are doing in their programs.  Teachers or caregivers need to know what children are doing at home so that program activities can take advantage of these learning opportunities.  Infant and toddler programs complete written daily reports for parents, and other classrooms complete daily verbal or weekly written reports.  Parent-teacher conferences are held at least twice a year, allowing parents to know where there child is both in areas of social-emotional and academically.  Parents are encouraged to call the center if necessary, in order to check on a child or converse with a teacher.  Many of our teachers give out home or cell numbers so that parents can keep in touch if they do not see their teacher on a daily basis.    Many centers bring in younger, less trained afternoon staff.  Magic Moments strives to maintain a higher level of child care competence in each classroom, arranging staffing so that someone is available in the room to tell a parent about a child’s day.

How does the program involve the parents?

Magic Moments involves parents in many ways.  Orientations are held.  Parents are always invited along on all of our field trips.  Parents are welcomed to visit to share information about their jobs or families with their child’s class.  Magic Moments holds Father’s Breakfasts, Mother’s Day teas, Thanksgiving dinners, Spring and/or Fall carnivals, Christmas with Santa, and other various family activities.  Since 1995, Magic Moments has put together the annual event “Trick or Treating with the Downtown Clermont Merchants”.  All child care centers in South Lake County (along with all family members) are invited to trick or treat downtown in a safe and fun environment.