Introduction to Magic Moments

Magic Moments Introduction

What do you look for in a child care center?

Research shows that most parents register at a center based upon convenience and cost.  We’re located in beautiful downtown Clermont.  Clermont has grown since I graduated from high school here (in 1974), and we can understand why you might not want to drive to us from the east side of Clermont,   but we’re willing to prove we’re worth the drive time!  Our rates are also comparable (and in some cases lower) than other centers.

What makes our center stand out?

We’ve been told over and over that it is our warm and friendly atmosphere that parents come back for.  Child care centers all use words like  “quality”, “nurturing” and “warmth” in their advertising, but when you enter some centers, words like “business”, “cold” and “dollars” come to mind.  If you’re looking for an institutional-looking environment, look elsewhere. We’ve got classrooms that are set up for fun and discovery.  We’re not the newest, but we are among the best. They might have a beautiful building, but it’s what’s inside that really counts! 

When enrolling at Magic Moments, our family becomes your family

From the front office and administrative staff to the classrooms, you’ll find us warm and friendly. We’re better at it because we’ve had years of experience.  After 15 years in business, we’ve learned a thing or two about children (and families).  Our staff are our family. Many of our staff members have worked at Magic Moments for many years.  Let’s see….

Another thing we have that many centers do not is “return” staff.  Five of our staff had previously left the employment of Magic Moments (child care centers are not known for their high pay scales), only to return “home”.  This speaks volumes for the environment and working conditions here at our center. 

Our staff truly care about the children in their care, and will go to great lengths to make sure that your child is safe, secure and comfortable in their learning environment.

Other things that makes us different

Our accreditation.  We are nationally accredited by the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NAC). Magic Moments Learning Center is also accredited by APPLE (Florida Association of Child Care Managers, or FACCM). These national accreditations mean lower staff to child ratios.  Many centers say that they have lower ratios, but then do not adhere to those ratios on a daily basis.  Magic Moments does.  Our ratios (on a DAILY basis) are as follows:

Infants     (6 weeks to 11 months)           1: 4
Toddlers  (12 to 23 months)                     1: 6
Two’s      (24 to 35 months)                       1: 6
Threes     (36 to 47 months)                      1: 8
Four/Five (48 to 60 months)                     1: 10
School age (kindergarten – 5th grade)   1: 14

If you check ratios at other centers, many adhere to state ratios, which are much higher!

In almost every classroom, you will find two trained teachers.  Our lead teacher in every classroom posseses at least a CDA, if not a higher degree.  Several of our teachers hold an AA or a Bachelor degree. Our center staff seek constant and continued knowledge, and our trainings consist of techniques in teaching, behavior, sensory and play.

When taking a tour, ask questions.  It is important that you choose a center that best meets your needs and the needs of your child.   See our links section for a quality checklist.